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Future plans

We are currently working on a new orbital launcher and have completed design for the mass production of our MINSAT-2000 to take up to 20kg to low earth orbit.  Current target cost is 600,000 per orbital launch (2017 prices) based on currently available technology, existing products and manufacturing techniques.
We aim for an eventual launch rate of 10 per year from 2021.  Obviously we will be starting at a lower launch rate depending on your individual needs and do not expect to see the benefits of mass production for at least five years.
MINSAT-2000 drawing
We are seeking around 2M (2018 price) to take this project to our first launch in 2021 and seek investment partners.

More distant future plans

We hope to eventually make orbital launches of up to 500kg at a target cost of 250,000, based on our H2Leo study, again based on currently available technology, existing products and manufacturing techniques.
H2Leo flyback capsule

Our aim is to become a part of the mass colonisation space over the next 50 years.  Probability theory suggests that this may be all the time we have to get a mass of people into space 
(See Richard Gott III, New Scientist, 8 Sept 2007).

Currently only 100's of astronauts have entered space and most have returned safely.  Soon many more will follow through the activities of such companies as Virgin Galactic.  Our aim is to start the spread of humanity across the universe rather than simply visit as tourists.  Initially our aim is to test life support systems but eventually we intend to begin the terraforming of celestial bodies
to allow colonisation.

We are also aware that a mass- produced and low-cost system may be of enormous benefit in lifting low-value freight to orbit to service space stations and colonies on the Moon and Mars, as proposed by the American, Russian and Chinese governments.  This will be an early return for investors.

Once our principal business is established, we aim to re-invest profits in larger craft capable of assembling communities of around 70 people of all ages as colonists living on and inside asteroids.  These asteroids will then be used as self-propelling craft for interplanetary and interstellar travel.  Some of the most influential leaders of the space community's latest direction appears to agree with our aims (See Craig Covault, Aviation Week 18 Jan 2008).

Should you wish to become a founding volunteer and/or benefactor we shall be happy to hear from you.  How you will be involved in space travel will be explained once you have completed a confidentiality agreement which you must sign and return to us by post.

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